Yellow Belt Health and Social Lean Training

3 days to comprehend the Health and Social Lean approach and know how to implement it to favor the institution and team’s performance.

"With 15 years of experience in Operational Excellence training and consulting, Cubik Partners, it is more than 10 000 people trained."

Description of this Yellow Belt Lean Health and Social Training

This training has been specially developed by caregivers, trainers and experts of Health and Social Lean. It will allow you to discover Health and Social Lean fundamentals and how to drive the approach’s deployment within care units, support function services, and technical teams.

Training's objectives

  • Understand the theoretical foundation of Continuous Improvement
  • Comprehend the role of manager/project manager that deploys Continuous Improvement
  • Acquire an implementation method in care and support services

Lean Management benefits

  • Learn how to create more value and reach 0-time loss. Learn how to make it simpler, smoother, faster.
  • More flexibility. Standardize is good but flexibility is essential to respond to the client’s evolutions and new demands.
  • Reduce defectsbecause they cost time, energy, client satisfaction in final or intermediate productions.
  • Reduce results variation because they bring unsecure and recurring disturbance that weaken the clients’ trust and commitment.

Why choose Cubik's training?

  • For our Health and Social Lean expertise:
    • Cubik trains and support the main players of the health sector since 2015: APHP, HCL, CHRU Tours, Mutualité Limousine, GHICL…
    • Cubik is co-organizer of the Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit Europe, 1st European congress on Lean Healthcare
  • For our programs co-constructed with people from the healthcare sector, and our team dedicated to Health and Social Lean
  • For our training programs’ supervision by European experts of Lean Healthcare:

Patrick de Coster: cardiologist, former CEO of a CHU, leader in hospitals’ executive committees consulting and support in managerial transformation

Ariane Bouzette: director of continuous improvement, quality and development in a CHU, leader in hospitals’ executive committees consulting and support in managerial transformation

  • For all the Lean tools we make available for you (Gemba Walk, hunt for waste, flow…)
  • For the benevolence from our trainers and the support from our administration service throughout our entire journey, and even after.
  • Our mission: allowing you to reach a healthy and lasting performance, an engagement we co-create with our trainees since 2007.
  • For the alumni journey and the different meetings associated that provide you long-term follow-ups and support from our expert consultants and trainers.
  • For our training referencing at UniHA (l’Achat Coopératif des Hôpitaux Publics)

Duration: 24 hours / 3 days

For whom: health executives, doctors, project managers

Sessions: 12 trainees maximum

Enrolment: Online

Prerequisite: none

Level: beginner

Career Opportunities: Health and social Lean referent and project managers

Materials: PDF with the tool sheets and the Lean library

Access: Online

To go further: + 7 days to become Green Belt LSS

1820€ HT


This Yellow Belt takes place in one session that lasts 3 days.

Session 1 : 3 days

Discovery of Health and Social Lean and Lean transformation

  • Health and Social Lean fundamentals and culture
  • Drive and monitor daily your activity
  • Solve problems and standardize solutions

Participative educational methods

During our trainings, you are all players, since the first day! We learn by doing. Because it is better to do by having fun, to allow a strong anchorage, our practices are fun and focused on your needs.

Camille Durr

Associate director
and educational manager

Our next sessions

Available sessions are coming soon !

Our training is available online (for inter-oranizations sessions) and onsite (for intra-organization sessions). For more information on the training and for a registration, please contact us:

Ask for an estimate

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    "You are saying it!"

    “The training of Hospital Groups Directors has been highly appreciated. It will strengthen the Lean dynamic in the 4 groups.”

    Pascal COROND – Performance and Control Management Director at HCL

    “Cubik knows how to adapt to existing environments, constraints and culture. By taking them into account, change is done without upheaval and the Lean culture settles in gradually.”

    Chloé KIMPE - CHU de Dijon Work Time Organization Manager

    We work with Dendreo to evaluate our trainings and measure their impact

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    Opco Atlas
    Our trainings are referenced in the Collective Actions of OPCO Atlas. They are financed up to a 100%!
    Titre RNCP
    Our trainings are certified by the national directory of professional certifications.
    Cubik Partners is referenced in Datadock as a training organization
    Unique quality certification allowing the use of public or mutual funds.